L1056780 - Version 2

World of Dances is a life long project created by National Geographic Creative photographer Kike Calvo. We are used to thinking of ballet as an indoor display of beauty and masterful technique. Kike takes dancers to iconic, architectonically unique, culturally emblematic, rapidly vanishing landmarks or simply unexpected locations.

Like in life, simple is normally best when it comes to photographing a project like this. Reducing a composition to its essence is not an easy task, but one that challenges me constantly. Being able to give the viewer a minimalist perspective, when my subjects merge with their surrounding in an almost magical way, is one of my primary goals. As in ballet, photography sometimes is all about purity, precision, discipline and beauty.

But that is not to say that ballet is limited to imagery of a fairytale princess weightlessly flying over the theater stage. Kike puts a strong effort on each photo taken for this project to show the subtleties of the dancers character. Beyond the skillful dancer, he photographs the person who has put in hard work, who daydreams about what the future might bring professionally, whose eye expressions show the delicacy of ballet.

Kike works with companies, schools and individual dancers from all over the world. If you are interested in joining the project, please email kikecalvo@gmail.com