Dancers Needed

World of Dances is a collaborative photography project and a truly labor of love. Without your talent, my project would have never been possible. This project was born from my love to dance and ballet. Photographers and dancers are quite similar. We spent a life time training for what we do. And normally, the world evaluates looking at our work for seconds, without realizing that on many occasions, what they see is the result of years of training.

What I need: Talented people in great condition with a very strong background in ballet or other dance specialties.

What you get: A selection of low res images to use in social media, an 8×10 print and the possibility of purchasing some of the photographs we produce during the session at cost, during a limited period of time after we work together. If the work created is stunning, there is a chance I will profile it on my National Geographic Blog column.

Where: I am New York based, but I traveled constantly. Do not hesitate to contact me, as once we are in touch, there is a chance we will eventually work together. Make sure you sign to my mailing list.

Length of the shoot: A photo shoot may take between 2-4 hours.

What to bring: Details will be discussed on a one to one basis, but as a general rule, you should wear classic dance attire, making sure your hair and make up is as if you were going to perform on a theatre.

What if I don’t qualify for World of Dances? If you are finally not chosen as part of my project, you can still benefit from my vision. I am offering special photography packages to anyone who takes the time to submit an application to join my project.

What if I want something different? As a National Geographic Creative photographer, Kike’s skills are superb and diverse. Beside doing land photographs, you can hire him to produce aerial images using drones or underwater photographs using a special housing.

Please email me to with the following information:

. Name
. Which days are you available to shoot? And times?
. Describe your background, dance qualifications and why do you want to be part
  of World of Dances.
. Attach 5-10 photographs in low resolution for consideration

Alison Stroming, dancer at Dance Theatre of Harlem. Photo © Kike Calvo